AI Worker Guide

Rent out your computing power for a real profit

Worker Overview

Workers are computing resource providers in orion cloud. They rent out their GPU computing power on orion to provide support to compute-intensive workloads for platform users.

By simply running a few commands, individual machine with GPU may download and install client package, join orion network as an AI worker which allows them to be listed on developer dashboard. Such hosting allows automatically receiving tasks from orion task pool, and receive rewards upon successful computing.

System Prerequisite

Must satisfy these minimum requirements to be eligible for an AI worker,

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
  • Installation of python 3.
  • Nvidia CUDA-capable GPU(GeForce GTX 1060 6GB and up).
  • Installation of CUDA (version>=9.0) , Nvidia-driver>=384.81

Additional packages/libraries are not needed.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

-- Last modified, 2018 Nov 16

Follow these guides to complete worker client setup.

Before installing worker package

  • Make sure your device meet the requirements from system prerequisite.
  • Pick up a ledger group you would like to be enrolled in from ledger list, a mandatory entering of ledger IP and RPC URL is required during installation.
  • Create an NBAI wallet as payout wallet, for receiving reward from task execution.

Note: You must join a ledger group to connect into orion network. Entering of no ledger information will result in unsuccessful installation.

1. Download client package

Download latest installation package from our github release, unzip manually by double-click zip file and extract with Archive Manager.

Download now

2. Install worker client working environment

Open your extracted folder, right-click and select "Open in Terminal" , execute in terminal:

$ chmod +x
$ ./

Note: You will be asked to type in administrator password at this step. Answer "yes" or "y" while being asked.

Successful installation is established by


Restart your system, in order to enable client App in the following steps is running with root permission.

Navigate back to your extracted folder, right-click and select "Open in Terminal" , pull latest image by execute:

$ docker pull nbaicloudplatform/tf1.8_torch_cuda9:latest

Successful configuration will be displayed like :


3. Join ledger and Start miner client App

Navigate to client directory and execute in terminal:

$ python3

At this step, you will be asked to enter your Ledger URL and Node URL for joining to your selected ledger ( ledger list ):

For ai-worker-ubuntu-v1.0.0, “Http provider” refers to Node URL, and “Host” refers to Ledger URL, the terminal prompt will be corrected in the following version of ai-worker packages.

View Ledger List


  • If fatal error message "Got permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket ...worker exit" at this step, restart system and re-execute python3
  • Refer to default entering in [ ] for the format of each entry.
  • Double-check your ledger URL and Node URL From ledger list.
  • The payout wallet is the NBAI wallet address to receive rewards after completing tasks. Please use NBAI wallet address and remove "0x" at the beginning of wallet address.
  • Price limit is the minimum hour price the worker offers to execute tasks. A default value “1" is suggested for current AI workers, allowing workers to receive payment from all service types.This feature will be enabled for future workers under enterprise ledger.

After all configurations have been entered, a benchmark will be downloaded to evaluate your machine performance. For the first join, a warning will appear to remind worker deposit to selected ledger contract address.


Keep your terminal open, and make your initial deposit by opening the file /Worker-Deposit/index.html
An off-line page will be opened by default browser, allow you to make your deposit safely.

5. Deposit to Ledger

Step1: Enter your ledger info and click" load ledger" . Your selected Ledger info will be appeared if loaded successfully.

Note: Double-check your selected ledger info from Ledger list.


Step2: Import your wallet and click "load wallet"


Step3 : Enter your worker ID, load worker and enter the amount of NBAI you will deposit to your ledger group. Click "Deposit".

Note: If transaction is successful, re-load worker you will see "Eligible" instead of “Not Eligible”.


You will be eligible to join worker queue and accept task if your status is "Eligible". Your worker status on terminal prompt will be automatically updated.


The message displayed showed that your worker has joined task queue successfully, and ready for task-processing. Keep your terminal open, and new tasks from ledger will be automatically sent to you.

Note: You don't have to manually re-join task queue after initial configuration is complete. Worker will automatically receive new tasks after previous completion.

And all set! Your device is ready for earning rewards! Successful task execution on your terminal command will be displayed like :